Windheim EMF Solutions — Brochure Re-Design

Windheim Logo Final Draft2 copy

Client Description:

  • Eric Windheim is an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist.
  • He detects measures and reduces sources of EMF pollution in your home and office.
  • People feel better as a result.

Client Quest/Request:

  • Professional advice in helping updated his brochure…

The Challenge:

  • New brochure designed, printed and ready for upcoming convention…
  • Product Deadline: 7 days…
  • Convention Countdown: 12 days away…

 Our Solution:

  • Revamp Brochure
  • Tell a compelling story
  • Simplify the technical language
  • Create a compelling headline
  • Create compelling sub-headlines
  • Replace client photo with a friendly approachable image
  • Enhance other photo’s appearance
  • Include customer benefit in disclaimer language
  • Create Holistic approach
  • Clean Call to Action

 What We Did:

  • Research
  • Client Interview
  • Discovery
  • Strategy
  • Product Design

Before Project Results:

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Page 1 Photo Before Brochure copyPage 2 Photo Before Brochure 2

After Project Results:

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Page 1 Photo After Brochure 1Page 2 Photo After Brochure 2

Client Testimonial:

Taylor really enjoys what he does. He puts a great deal of time and energy into doing research on your topic. He reaches outside the box to get an objective overview. He’s extremely patient and understanding, while drawing out your thoughts, so he can write about the real you.

His genuine interest creates a personal experience with his clients. I feel this extra quality adds value to the brochure he made for me.

My prospective clients like the brochure Taylor crafted compared to my old one. It says more with fewer words, making it easier for my clients to absorb the information quickly. Because of the content and layout he developed for me, they come to a point of decision faster.

If you have a viable business model and marketable skills, but need help in presenting your offer to the public in writing, Taylor is a fantastic wordsmith that can captivate your prospects.

Eric Windheim
Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist: EMRS